Plays by Ian McGlynn

School reunions... brilliant fun, eh? A great time for reminiscing, catching up, having a laugh. No chance that things could degenerate into an alcohol and drug-fuelled nightmare of desperate flirting, self-loathing and awkward recrimination. Oh dear.

Reunion is a smart and witty comedy drama. Whether it's hilariously funny or achingly tragic simply depends on whether or not it's happening to you.


How do you make a relationship work when one of you is never there? How do you cope when you really like your boss? How do you control your arachnophobia when there are spiders everywhere? And how do you overcome the basic fear of living your life?

presenteeism [] n. The feeling that one must show up for work even if one is too sick, stressed, or distracted to be productive; the feeling that one needs to work extra hours even if one has no extra work to do. Even if it makes you neglect your wife and threatens to wreck your marriage. And makes you lose all rational perspective. And maybe even destroys your life.

An Act Of Twisting

In a mysterious institution, a secret project takes place. Four women are set a bizarre challenge: to improve the national standards of torture. What ingredients can the female psyche add to 'enhanced interrogation'? Pain or pleasure? Compassion or cruelty? As time passes, will the women reject their orders to inflict suffering - or will they start to join in the fun?

An Act of Twisting is agit-prop for the 'Friends' generation: a devastatingly witty and savagely satirical exploration of the nature of torture, cruelty and what it means to be human. Containing characters we all recognise, the play is funny, shocking, disturbing and tragic - often all at the same time.

Love Bites!
Love hurts. Love is a many splendoured thing. Love will find a way. Love is all around. Love will tear us apart. Love is the drug. Love don't live here anymore. Love me tender.
Sooner or later, this happens to everyone. To everyone.
Love gives us the highest highs, the starriest eyes, the deepest sighs… It makes us happier than happy, lifts us up where we belong and makes us believe there ain't no mountain high enough… But sooner or later, it takes a great chunk out of our hearts and leaves us gasping with pain. Because love bites.
Love Bites! is an anti-rom-com, which takes a witty, incisive and funny look at all things heart-shaped. Are you ready to be heart-broken?

How do you become homeless? Is it because you refuse to engage with society? Or is it because society can't find a way to engage with you? Is it through laziness and apathy? Or circumstance and tragedy? Can it only happen to other people? Or could it happen to you?

Combining caustic wit and searing drama, Shelter looks at how homelessness happens - and how hard it is to escape.